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What are watercolor pencils? How are they different from ordinary ones? I tell you how an artist can choose watercolor pencils and give a list of 4 proven brands.

Perhaps drawing, like no other creative hobby, was so familiar to us, practically from childhood. Someone then discovers talent and creativity in themselves, and goes on to develop them, someone just draws for themselves for the soul, and someone switches to something else.

But we all, one way or another, start with pencils - simple and colored.

There is another type of pencils that have the property of paints and colored pencils at once - these are watercolor pencils. We will talk about them today.

What are watercolor pencils

Watercolor pencils for artists are the same colored pencils that you can use to draw on paper. How do watercolor pencils differ from ordinary pencils?

Ordinary colored pencils have kaolin and colored pigments in the lead. The lead of watercolor pencils is composed of water-soluble pigments.

This allows artists to apply them in different forms of their work. So, wetting a pencil or drawing a brush dipped in water over a drawing made with such a pencil, you can get various watercolor effects, as when working with watercolor paints.

Otherwise, they are the same colored pencils.

The advantages of these pencils:

How to choose watercolor pencils?

What are the best drawing pencils to buy? Let's take a look at a few guidelines on what to look for when choosing to buy quality pencils.

When you come to a creative goods store, in order not to make a mistake in your choice, pay attention to the signs and marks on the box with pencils. On the package with a set of pencils there is a marking where it is written that these are watercolor pencils, or there is a drawing - a brush dipped in water and a drop of water nearby.

Also, when choosing watercolor pencils, keep in mind the softness and hardness of the lead. A pencil with a soft lead is much better blurred and does not leave greasy marks and streaks in the drawing under the paint. This indicator will depend on the manufacturer, therefore, choose good brands of pencils (I will tell you about them a little below, read the article to the end).

Overview 4 verified marks

Brand №1 Faber-Castell watercolor pencils "Albrecht Durer" in sets

German brand of goods for artists. Produces high-quality and professional materials for creativity, including good professional watercolor pencils in their line.

FABER-CASTELL watercolor pencils are made of quality materials - the manufacturers use bright pigments, a good binding mixture and strong wood for the pencil shell.

Almost all colors in the palette have high lightfastness, which is very important for the safety of work for many years to come. You can work with such pencils in both wet and dry technique - the result, both there and there, will be good and durable.

The color palette of FABER-CASTELL reaches up to 120 colors, which, you see, is just a unique gift for artists.

Of course, such pencils are not cheap, but if you have the opportunity, it is better to invest, at least over time, in the best quality materials.

Brand №2 Derwent Inktense

$40.25 ($1.68 / Count)
$45.72 ($1.90 / Count)

British watercolor pencils. The lead does not crumble or break. After drying, the pattern is resistant to moisture and sunlight.

Such a set is sold in a convenient box, according to the colors there are 72 pieces. The same pencils can be drawn on fabric and textiles, due to their stability, they are not erased or blurred.

Mark №3 KOH-I-NOOR

Bright and saturated with color watercolor pencils, from the Czech company Koh-i-Noor, also got into our review. There are 36 colors in the set - this is quite enough for novice artists.

The body of the pencil is made of natural cedar wood. Good dense lead, resistant to sharpening.

In general, this is the best option for beginners - such a set is not too expensive, it is sold in almost all large and small stores, including office supplies, and the quality is very high.

So, this is the most affordable option in terms of price-quality ratio.


Another professional watercolor pencils in our rating.

Nice and vibrant colors that blend and wash well with a brush with water.

Sold already ground, in a very convenient box. They are used by professional artists and architects. Despite the excellent quality, the cost of such pencils remains acceptable.

This was a small review on watercolor pencils - which ones are better to choose, in terms of price-quality format. It doesn't matter for what and how you will use them, the main thing is, always give preference to high-quality materials in order to preserve your drawing for a long time.