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What are the best materials to use for drawing on black paper

Drawing on Black Paper for Beginners - Step by Step | Tools and Materials for Black Paper Drawing

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Best Art Supplies For Drawing & Painting On Black Paper

Black paper provides a dramatic background for creative art projects. Here are some of the best art supplies for drawing and painting on black paper.

The best materials to practice drawing on black paper.

I will tell in the article about techniques and materials for drawing on black paper for beginner artists. This is a rather unusual format, as artists often use white paper or pastel-colored paper. Meanwhile, black paper has its own characteristics and benefits that will help you expand your creative horizons! Let's figure out how to draw on black paper?


What you need to draw on black paper?
  1. 1.Pastel
  2. 2.White pencil
  3. 3.White pen
  4. 4.Markers
  5. 5.Acrylic
  6. 6.Watercolor
  7. 7.Colour pencils
Tips for drawing on black paper for beginners

What you need to draw on black paper?

Artists paint on black sheets with completely different materials. Many of them are familiar and familiar to you, and some, of course, just like that right off the bat and you won't remember or take to draw.


Artistic pastel is a material that is used in painting and graphics. Pastels are produced in the form of small crayons, which are convenient for drawing. Distinguish between dry and oil pastels:
  • - Dry pastels are made from chalk, pigments, and a binder.
  • - Oil pastels are made from pigments and binders, as well as wax or oil.
For pastels, their own, special separate paper is sold. Therefore, if we are learning to draw with pastels on black paper, then we need to take special sheets.
Artists often choose pastels for their work, as it is easy to use, has a high lightfastness, with its help you can achieve soft color transitions, especially with the help of shading, and also pastel drawings have a pleasant velvet surface.
To start painting with pastels on black paper, you do not need any additional funds, except for the sheet itself and the pastels. A sketch can be done with a simple pencil, but it is better, of course, immediately with the pastel itself. I also advise you to later fix the drawing with a fixative varnish, since pastel is a fragile material and can crumble. And, of course, choose lighter and brighter colors for black paper, as they will be seen best.

White pencil

When buying a set of colored pencils, have you ever noticed a white pencil in the set? And it is not just there, and they need to draw not on light paper, but on black!
You can draw wonderful, spectacular works with a white pencil on black paper! But, remember the rule that you need to use when drawing on a black background:
The place where the light will fall should be emphasized more strongly, and the shadows, on the contrary, should be drawn weaker
In general, white opens up a lot of possibilities in a drawing:
  • - with its help you can draw the brightest places
  • - you can soften the main color, make it less saturated, delicate
  • - white when shading allows you to make a smooth color transition
  • - using white in the picture, you can create highlights that will help give volume to the image.
To draw with a white pencil, take a thick sheet of black paper - you can use it for pastels, you can use it for drawing.

White pen

The white gel pen offers many possibilities for creators and artists. In addition to drawing, such a pen is used in lettering, scrapbooking, creating postcards, and drawing mandalas.
It doesn't require any preparation, you just need to take a sheet of black paper and create!


Markers can be used to write on black sketchbook paper. Drawings made with permanent markers in silver and gold look especially beautiful.
Sketching is now one of the most popular trends in artistic graphics. To make these markers look bright and beautiful on black paper, choose waterproof, oil-based markers.


If you have already learned the techniques of painting with paints, including acrylic or gouache, on canvas or cardboard, it's time to get down to paper!
Acrylic paints are thick, water-based paints. They are very convenient to draw not only on canvas, but also on paper. Since acrylic is diluted with water, you need to monitor the thickness of the paint - it should not be too liquid, watery, so that the paper does not go in "waves". Also, so that the paint does not "float" work in thin layers. Paste techniques are best left for canvas or cardboard.


Watercolor is another water-based paint with the addition of binders, glue, honey, and colored pigments.
It is not that difficult to create watercolor illustrations and drawings on black paper. You can paint both dry and wet. But the dry option is preferable, since you can achieve a beautiful effect, as if your drawing was made with chalk on a special board, and not with watercolor on a piece of paper.

Colour pencils

Drawing with colored pencils for beginners can also be done in stages. First, make a sketch, you can draw its outline with a white pencil, and then start painting with colored ones. We also draw the outline of the drawing with a white pen, if desired.

Tips for drawing on black paper for beginners

In conclusion, I want to give you some tips on how to draw on black paper that you might find useful:
1. When working with black paper, you need to move from dark to light in the drawing. Therefore, draw with white and light pencil at the end, on strong and bright highlights.
2. Increase the saturation of the shades gradually, with a slight transition. Do not press down on the pencil when drawing with colored pencils so that you can erase the extra lines.
3. Cut a small piece of black ink test paper, or use an entire sheet of paper for initial experiments if this is your first time drawing on such paper.
Remember that colors on black paper will not look exactly the same as on white. If you have a multi-layered technique, test the colors on a separate sheet of paper too.
4. The perfect eraser for black paper when working with pencils is a black colored pencil! And by sharpening the pencil to a pointed tip, you can paint over even the smallest detail.
In general, I want to advise you not to be afraid of creative experiments, and draw with materials that you really like!